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Elections Archive

The dataset currently includes 1,786 elections from 154 countries and territories. Future releases are being planned that will include more countries and additional elections.

Errata   (updates and corrections)

Full list of updates and error corrections to CLEA data

Subsetting Tool

Looking for a specific country or set of years? For a select number of elections try our online subsetting tool


Secondary Data

GeoReferenced Electoral Districts Datasets – Beta 2

The GeoReferenced Electoral Districts (GRED) Datasets are beta versions of geo-referenced maps for electoral districts in countries from the Constituency-Level Elections Archive. The goal of this project is to offer maps formatted in a manner so they can be linked to other standard geo-referenced data, allowing researchers to test a variety of research questions at a subnational level.

  Party Nationalization Datasets    16MB

The party nationalization datasets have been constructed to generate the effective number of parties, as well as several measures of party nationalization, at three different levels of aggregation: the national level, the party level, and the constituency level. At the national level, three measures of the effective number of parties and nine measures of party system nationalization are provided. At the party level, four measures that indicate the level of nationalization for a particular party in a given country-year dyad are provided. At the constituency level, national measures for each constituency in a given country-year, the effective number of parties at the constituency level, and a local inflation measure are provided.

This Excel file contains a bibliography on the nationalization of electoral politics used to measure the growth of nationalization research in Caramani & Kollman (2017), Symposium on “The nationalization of electoral politics: Frontiers of research."

  Preferential Vote Counts Dataset    4MB

Supplemental file containing preferential vote counts for Australia, Ireland and Malta, along with all other CLEA variables.

  Indirect Elections Dataset    229KB

Supplemental file containing the number of electors, and electors won by party for indirect elections, along with all other CLEA variables. Currently, this applies only to Norway (1822-1903) and Sweden (1866-1908).


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